A Fond Farewell!

Dear Seattle Cheese Festival Fans,

Thank you for your support of our humble festival for all these years. When we first contemplated the Seattle Cheese Festival back in 2003, we hoped to expose cheese makers in the Northwest to lots of people curious about artisan cheese. Little did we know that our first year (2004) would be such an amazing success. Indeed, over 35,000 people flocked to the Pike Place Market that year – and each year after – to taste not only Northwest cheeses but cheeses from all over the world. Cheese makers were getting exposed, for sure! And it is without question, the stars of the Festival were the cheese makers. Our little idea – the Seattle Cheese Festival – was a hit thanks to all of you. Over the last couple of years, however, the Festival has become kind of like Yogi Berra’s quote “Nobody goes there anymore, it’s too crowded.” Attendance by cheese makers and distributors has fallen off sharply. We take this a good sign – they had the exposure and cheese has become part of the culinary nomenclature of Seattle.

So it is with a bit of sadness and a touch of pride that we drop the curtain on the Seattle Cheese Festival. It has been an amazing ride and a true labor of love for all of here at DeLaurenti Food & Wine. We thank the cheese fans, cheese makers, distributors, sponsors and the Pike Place Market for all your support over the years.

Please eat more cheese and we’ll see you around the Market!

Pat McCarthy
Seattle Cheese Festival
DeLaurenti Food & Wine


Enjoy a photo slideshow of highlights from the 2009 event.
(Photos by Nataworry Photography)